Hitting the Water

Today is July 21, 2011.  It is Nicholas’s seventh birthday. And as much as we are thrilled for our little boy and his seven candles, it was what happened yesterday that has us truly rejoicing.

Orlando was hired to teach in Lincoln. Finally.

Okay, so it took a bit longer than we expected, but he was offered two jobs and took the one at the school that he really, really wanted to be part of this entire time. The school he had worked for previously in Nebraska. A school that had just one job opening this year. A position they were happy to give him and he was honored to accept.  God truly had his hand in this because believe it or not, the timing was just about perfect.  I think our entire family heaved a collective sigh of relief upon hearing the news.

Through the whole adventure I’ll admit not allowing myself the luxury of considering a Plan B. I didn’t want to even begin to think of how we would restore the  life in Pennsylvania we so neatly dismantled to come here. But when the word finally came and the reality of our move was finalized, I had to take a moment to catch my breath. Wow, I thought, we’re really not going back. And for just a second I was struck with all those mixed feelings of loss and joy that have so marked the journey here. It felt like we jumped to take the plunge so long ago, but even after the long way down, the shock of hitting the water was still, well, a shock.

So here we are. Residents of Milford, Nebraska. Population 2052. So on our first day of being real residents, the boys and I went to town and did the right thing: we applied for a library card. And tomorrow, the search for an internet connection on the farm begins. Can’t do the blog from the library forever!

And tomorrow we figure out how to get our stuff from there to here in the next week. Orlando begins his new job on August 2!

More later friends. Thanks for your patience with the sporatic blogging. I promise to catch you when I’m connected.


5 responses to “Hitting the Water

  1. HOORAY!!! CONGRATS to you all – and Lanny, I am so very happy for you!! (I never doubted it for a minute!) And how fun to start your new job on your birthday!! What an adventure you have all had and will continue to have.

  2. Oh So Happy for you guys but Oh So Sad for us. Not that I really doubted that God would come through and Lanny would get the job but I must admit there was still a tiny thread to hang onto that we would still live in the same town. So now we will have to figure out how to visit you guys. Hey I did it once so I can do it again. Hopefully this time there will be NO national tragedy like the last time. Warwick’s loss is Lincoln’s GAIN !!! Impressed by the library card – of course !!!

  3. Hallelujah!! Been praying and thinking abouy you guys…. God does always meet out needs at just the right time, I’d love to us my new toy (Marmon truck) to move your belongings. Just not an option with antique tags on it. Blessing and Salutations, Ken

  4. I have been following and enjoying immensely your blog for awhile now. We are former Milford residents now living in Lincoln on Birch Hollow St. which is very close to your husband’s new school. My husband, a former Milford dentist, reconnected with your husband at the program in Seward on July 4th.
    Congratulations on the job. Wishing you well as you get adjusted to Nebraska life.

  5. Ohhh… I’m so happy for you and your family Toni, but sad too that we never did get together! Not that we can’t still do it, but it may just involve more travel to get to each other. Best of luck on your new endeavor in Nebraska!! I’ve never been, but have heard that it’s beautiful out there. Take care and keep in touch via FB. I’ll do the same and maybe one of these days we can still get that visit on the calendar;) Talk to you.

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