You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!

It’s June–finally. The month the Lincoln Public School District promised to call Orlando for an interview. So of course he’s been staring at the phone. Wondering, waiting, holding his breath.

On Tuesday, he tried to log on to their website to see if they had posted any jobs, but the website was down. This worried him a bit. He tried to get on many times in the next few days but to no avail. Should he call, he wondered?  Should he wait it out? And then tonight, not ten minutes ago, he finally got onto the website. The site was still down, but there was a message. “We’re still trying to recover from the fire of May 31. Please log onto our Twitter or Facebook account.”

I’m sorry. FIRE?

And so we quickly logged onto the local media page and saw a tremendous video of the entire district office burning to the ground. The office that employed 250 people–one of whom is supposed to call this week and hire my husband this month. They are working on finding places for these people to return to work. They are working on recovering their data which, thankfully, was backed up off site. But their computers are gone, bulldozed under. And if Orlando had a paper file anywhere in that building, if they jotted down a note on a sticky reminding themselves to call him,  it’s toast. Literally.

I must admit, my first reaction to hearing all this was to laugh. It’s a funny thing sometimes, this faith business. Our lives are in His hands, but how easy is it for us to trust in things other than Him. Things like numbers and odds, computers, sticky notes, and even people. Sometimes it takes a fire to remind us who’s in charge. Sometimes it takes a “You’ve got to be kidding me!” moment to bring us back to a place of trust in the right One.

So here we go. Trusting in the fiery furnace.


2 responses to “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!

  1. Oh heck – I’m so sorry – I meant to email you guys about the fire. I have a couple of FB friends that work there and they had posted the fire on FB. I meant to email you right away and totally forgot. They were out searching for a site immediately – so, I’m sure they will find a way to get back to business asap. 😉

  2. Arghhh!! I just lost my whole comment…so, I’ll try again.
    It’s so funny you would post this today! As I was leaving JB from a half day of subbing, I was listening to Dr. Dobson’s new radio program (I think it was). They were saying, “It’s easy to say God is a healer when you’re feeling well, but can you still say that/believe it when you don’t feel well or when you’re dying of a sickness. It’s easy to say God is good when things are going well, but what will you say when things aren’t looking as good.”
    Keep up the faith! You feel God has called you to this place (even though I’m sad to see Orlando go), and you are following that call. He is walking ahead of you every step of the way, and he will not let you fall.
    Even in our own “situation” when things don’t happen like I think they should, I still have to remember to just trust…to have that faith!
    I have a song that I come back to so many times. I’d like to share it with you, and may it give you the encouragement you need ~


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