A Preview of Coming Attractions

After a brief hiatus, I return with to the Big Red Blog with apologies for my unexpected absence.

I must admit, I thought the start of my first week as an ex-pastor would begin on a far different note from the one it began on. Benjamin fell prey to the stomach flu on Saturday and took the rest of us down with him in the next couple of days. Each of the boys, of course,  bounced back within twenty four hours. I, on the other hand, took days and days to recover. I am definitely too old to be throwing up, and that’s about all I have to say about it. You should certainly be glad I chose NOT to write about it.

On a happier note, dear Milton and Wilma, my in-laws, landed at our house on Friday. They came for “Grandparent Day” at the boys’ school, as well as to help us with the arduous and seemingly endless task of sorting and packing. Because of the plague at our house, they were delayed in coming and we actually saw them for the first time at the school for the Grandparent Day festivities. Dominick and I crept into the school gym during the breakfast part of that event to see if we could catch of peek of them.. And when we found the two of them in the crowd, you should have seen the sudden light come on in that little boy’s eyes. Instantly the hugest grin came over his face and he gave out this awestruck “It’s Grandma and Grandpa!” exclamation. Almost as if he couldn’t believe they were actually here in the flesh. Truthfully I have never seen a happier child.

But Dominick wasn’t the only one.  Each boy, in turn, had the opportunity to show their grandparents around their classroom and do little projects with them. They were so proud to have them in their little worlds. And for me, it was sweet to watch. With their grandparents living so far away, I know they’ve missed this kind of thing in their lives to this point. They’ve lived through several Grandparent Days before now, but either I’ve ended up playing Grandma or we artfully maneuvered our schedule in such a way as to miss the event entirely. But with Milt and Wilma here, the day took a whole new turn for them. Just like Dominick, they all lit up in their presence. They were honored to show them off to their teachers and friends.   These are our grandparents, our family. We go together. 

And for me it was simply more assurance. More confirmation that this move will be such a good thing for our boys and for us as a family. There’s something to this mixing of the generations that simply goes beyond words. I love watching Milt and Wilma’s godly influence on our children and seeing the boys watch their “faith in action” way of walking through life. I guess that’s why the Bible teaches so strongly that we are to pass down our faith from generation to generation. There’s something profound in it.

And of course now that Grandma and Grandpa are here, Orlando and I have been demoted to the position of chopped liver. We have to have the boys systematically take turns at the table sitting by them, in the car driving with them. I found Grandma in the backyard playing wiffle ball, dodging balls that Nicholas and Benjamin  “smashed.”I caught Grandpa climbing up into a pirate ship play set at the request of Anthony. And Dominick, well, he just keeps following them around with that great big grin on his face, taking every opportunity to sit on an empty lap and giggle. Just too thrilled to stop smiling. When I say, “Do you want to go with me?” the first question I get is “Are Grandma and Grandpa going?”

A preview of coming attractions, all coming soon to a farm in Nebraska. And wow, does it make me smile!


One response to “A Preview of Coming Attractions

  1. How awesome!! And as it should be! So glad the boys were able to share their Grandparents day with their very own Grandparents – a memory that will last forever!

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