Barnstormers and Other Acts of God

Just call me Dorothy.

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, with her house lifted by the twister and spinning in circles, clinging to her bed while watching people fly by her windows. Some don’t seem to notice the storm. They tip their hats and rock in their chairs. Some, who don’t seem to care where they are going as long as they go, turn from nasty neighbors to wicked witches in a moment’s watching. All the while Dorothy sits and watches her spinning world out her window. Until the big bump when she lands in Oz.

This is the best I can do to describe the emotions of the last week. Several momentous, life-altering events took place, but I don’t feel like I’ve had a solid chance to absorb any of them as the spinning continues. The week began with the loss of a dear friend Julie, followed closely by my last day at my job. The very next day my sister flew in from Florida. My in-laws will be coming on Tuesday, here to help us prepare for the move that is coming.  My son Benjamin became sick in the middle of a baseball game yesterday and threw up half of last night. But still I needed to drag myself out of bed this morning so that Orlando and I could say a formal goodbye to the dear congregation at Petra. It was a pathetic excuse for a goodbye I gave. (See the previous post about my propensity for squeaking.) But they prayed for us and blessed us which was an awesome time. But immediately upon completion of this in the second service, we ran out the doors.

Why? So we could attend the All Pro Dad event at the Barnstormers game. (For those of you who don’t know, the Barnstormers are a local minor league team). Orlando is the All Pro Dad Team Captain at his school and they were throwing this event, so we felt we really needed to go if we could. But Benjamin wanted to go and said he felt well enough, and since he got a pass for the trip from his Aunt Maryann the nurse, we went and watched the game. It was a fun time–although the game didn’t end until the bottom of the 12th inning. It was, however, the most fascinating weather event I’ve witnessed in along time. It started out cloudy and cool. The steady rain of the morning gave way to just a blanket of clouds. But then the clouds started to dance and move and the sun began to shine through the holes. And the sun was uncommonly  intense. I could feel it burning my face whenever it was out for longer than a couple of minutes. But it kept diving behind the clouds, just in time to give relief from the heat. But then the wind kicked up. And then suddenly, we are being pelted with big drops of rain. Huge drops. At first I thought someone had turned on a hose. We stood up and ran for cover, but it was over literally five minutes later and the sun came out again, dancing in and out of the clouds that were zooming by overhead. Eventually the sun just won the war and stayed out the last hour or so. One look in the mirror confirmed that I had been scorched. Same with Orlando and the boys.

But I will admit, sitting at that game I began to feel weary from the week’s events. And the weather just seem to confirm the roller coaster of emotions that I have felt during it. So sad to lose my friend. So glad to see old friends and my sister who came to mourn her. So sad to give up my job. So excited to see what’s next. So sad to leave my Petra friends.  So happy to have the opportunity to focus on my family. So happy to see my in-laws coming, and yet so concerned that I have so much yet to do. So sorry for my poor son struggling with being sick, and yet sorrier still for those we love who are struggling with illness beyond my imagining.

And just like for Dorothy, the fickle, swirling weather seems to emulate life. It’s all I can do to just cling to the bed and not fall off, waiting for the whole thing to land. And maybe when it does I’ll get to squish a few witches, meet a few munchkins, and experience the world in a whole new level of technicolor.

Or maybe I’ll just take a nap, sit and cry, and take a deep breath before the next storm.

My All Pro Dad and our boys at the Barnstormers game


One response to “Barnstormers and Other Acts of God

  1. Toni – you are going to need one heck of a long vacatioin when this move is all said and done. And I have just the place . . . you have my address!!!

    What a great comparison you have made and it makes so much sense (you even have your very own munchkins). I’m sure your head has been spinning with all the things you have to do. I would just like to thank you for taking the time to keep us involved in your tornadic and turbulent life.
    Currently, life for you may seem like riding a bucking bronco, a ruff and rocky ride, but from my view, you make it seem like you are sailing along on a smooth sea!!

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